Monday, 15 March 2010

Week two sketchup

Week two

Artist One

The Long Awaited, 2008
by Patricia Piccinini

Adjective: dependent
Verb: interlace

Noun: diversity

Artist Two

Together is the New Alone, 2002
by Ricky Swallow

Adjective: harmonious

Verb: lose

Noun: individuality

Artist Three

'Poroplastic', 2008

by Richard Goodwin

Adjective: massive

Verb: explode

Noun: irregularity

Week one

Part A:

This is one of my creative works during last Chrismas holiday. At that time, I went to afterhours classes of the Hand drawn course, just get enough preparation for joining the archiectural studies course

Part B

It is the Fallingwater of F.L. Wright's famous art work. The work itself is set in a well-conceived composition. The stream performs various mirable effects during the four season.

Additionally, it perfectly connects the relationship between the nature environment and the artificial structure.

Part C

Provence is a dramatically romantic place in the world. Even this weak lighing along the road is full of imagination.